Deleting all of the photos from your iPhone

I found this because I take so many pictures with my iPhone of my kids and other things I rountinely get messages saying that I am out of storage. This is an easy way to delete your iPhone images to make more room.

This works in all versions of Mac OS X:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB
  2. Launch Image Capture from the /Applications/ folder
  3. Hit Command+A to Select All pictures within Image Capture, then with all images selected click the red () button to delete all photos
  4. Confirm deletion when asked and be prepared to wait

This should work in all versions of Windows:

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB
  2. Open ‘My Computer’ and choose “Apple iPhone”
  3. Open to folders “Internal Storage” and then open “DCIM”, contained within will be a folder containing all photos and videos on the iPhone
  4. From the folder containing the pictures, select all, then delete
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