Creating a reflection effect with Adobe Fireworks in 10 easy steps.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a reflection of an image in Adobe Fireworks.

1. Create a new Fireworks document.

2. Copy and paste the item you want to use into your blank Fireworks document. In this case it is the WordPress logo.

3. From the layers panel using the pulldown menu use the duplicate layer command duplicate this layer.

4. Select this new layer and choose the flip vertical transform command.

5. Move the transformed image to the desired location. In this case under the original logo.

6. Create a layer mask by selcting the add mask button at the bottom of the layers menu.

7. While the mask is selected choose the gradient tool.

7a. Make sure your mask is selected in the layers panel before performing step 8.

8. Select the white to black gradient

9. Apply the gradient to the mask.

10. Adding a subtle back ground will make the image POP.


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