Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design and why do I need it?

Have you ever gone to a company’s website on your smartphone only to see a site that looks like it would on your laptop? This is a website that is not optimized for smartphones. Many times customers, who visit a site that’s not mobile compatible, will hit the back button to find another site that is easier to view. This increases the site’s bounce rate, which results in lost business. Google conducted a survey and found that 61% of consumers leave a website if it’s not set up for mobile devices[1].

Responsive web design is the what turns your web site’s layout into a mobile friendly design. Not long ago this was an optional choice for businesses.  Now, it is a must for any business who wants to reach more customers.

HTML 5. The Future of Responsive Web Design.

This is the future of website design, since this new coding allows you to have alternatives to Flash, Java and Silverlight plug-ins added to your mobile site. This makes your site accessible to users who own iPhones, iPads and other devices that either don’t support these plug-ins. A site that utilizes HTML5 ensures your visibility to customers, increasing site traffic and sales.

KDM’s Responsive Web Design Framework

KDM’s Responsive Framework gives your company’s site a competative edge. Our Responsive Framework features:

  • User-friendly Main Menu that creates a mobile navigation experience
  • Creating a fluid web design and image design that scale automatically for today’s popular device dimensions
  • The lightweight HTML Web Design makes your site lightning fast, creating a smooth and enjoyable user experience

With 90% of the adults in the U.S., alone, now owning a cell phone and two-thirds of them saying that they use it to access the internet[2], the need for your company to have a website that is easy to view and navigate on all mobile devices is paramount.

The goal of our Responsive Framework is to create a mobile user experience that keeps your customers on your site, invites them to stay longer and visit more pages within your site.

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