Joomla and WordPress Website Design

Written by Peter Konstantakos.

Are you sick of your website looking like other websites because your designer used the same template for every site they built? Are you looking to take your Joomla or WordPress skills the next level? Do you want a website and promotional materials that are professional, eye-catching, uniquely original and tailored to your business? Then look no further than KDM Design and Marketing, Inc., Tampa Bay's premier Joomla and WordPress Design and Training company.

Who We Are

KDM is an innovative Joomla and WordPress website design, training and marketing company that serves the Tampa Bay area. KDM is your one-stop-shop for Joomla and WordPress website design, graphic design, and full-color printing. We use our years of experience to help your company's website reach its true earning potential.

In today’s business world, it isn’t enough to simply put up Joomla or Wordpress website and let it sit there. You must also possess the knowledge and skills to use these platforms in house to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. KDM's owner, Peter Konstantakos, has been working with Joomla and WordPress since 2004 and has taught Joomla classes for, the leading training company for Open Source software education in the US and abroad. If you need customized Joomla Training in the Tampa or St Petersburg area Peter is the best qualified Joomla trainer in the State of Florida, no other Joomla company in the Tampa Bay area can make this claim.

KDM also has the distinction of being one of the only full-service Joomla and Wordpress website design and printing companies in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. KDM allows you to design a website, print marketing materials, and create a unique graphic design all in the same place! We won’t send you sprinting around town to a slew of companies for each different service. There’s no need, because we can offer it all to you right in our office!

What We Do - Joomla and WordPress Website Design

KDM develops and designs web sites using Joomla!Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build online applications and websites. Specifically, Joomla is a web portal CMS that runs on the PHP platform. This means that our valued clients will reap the benefits of Joomla’s versatility, high performance, and ability to seamlessly integrate within your business.

Joomla is an excellent web design tool that can be used to create company websites, online publications, e-commerce sites, and personal sites, among other things. But even the best tools yield nothing if you lack the skill to wield them. Luckily, we have the expertise and vision to use Joomla to create a site designed specifically for you.

The Joomla web designers at KDM are experts in their field and have been working with Joomla since it was introduced to the public eight years ago. We are fully versed in all aspects of Joomla website design from the very basics like installation and selecting host companies to advanced methods like creating unique applications and communication tools.

But KDM also appreciates the importance of variety for our clients and so we offer Wordpress website design as well. Wordpress is another enormously popular and effective CMS. Wordpress can be used to design personal or corporate websites but it is often used as a platform for generating blogs. Whatever your needs are, we will work with you to translate your vision into an outstanding website.

KDM is a web design company from Tampa Bay, Florida.Perhaps most importantly, KDM approaches every website design project with branding in mind. Our custom Joomla and Wordpress layouts will be a unique and accurate reflection of your company’s identity. Unlike most other design businesses, we would never insult our clients by handing over a tired, overused template. We don’t cut any corners in our quest to provide our clients with completely fresh and original material that allows your company’s distinctive brand to shine through.

We understand that your website represents a significant investment. We will use our expertise in website design and internet marketing to ensure that you see ample returns on that investment.

Joomla Training from OSTraining

Based in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida, KDM has been designing custom Joomla websites for Tampa businesses and businesses all over the nation for over 9 years. Headed up by Peter Konstantakos—who brings over twenty years of experience in printing, advertising and Joomla web development to the table—KDM serves up a highly-competitive and effective variety of solutions for each and every one of their clients.